Welcome to Rural Oxford Connections (ROC)

The responsibility for the telecommunications infrastructure and high-speed service is fully transferred to Execulink Telecom. Oxford County residents looking for more information about high-speed service can call 1-877-Execulink or visit www.execulink.ca.            


    About the project

    On June 19, 2009 the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food, and Rural Affairs announced that the County of Oxford was one of 14 municipalities selected to receive broadband funding from the Province’s Rural Connections Program.

    The Ontario Municipal Rural Broadband Partnership was a $30 million, four-year initiative designed to reduce broadband infrastructure gaps in underserved rural regions in southern Ontario that was completed in April 2013.

    Highlights of the program
    - officially launched March 28, 2012
    - complete coverage across Oxford County
    - use of licensed fixed wireless
    - 1.5mb download speeds
    - scalable to 10mb as required